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Dré Nitze Nelson

Digital Product Design, UX, HMI and In-Vehicle Experience, Innovation Management


Byton Media Interviews

I've collected a few links to videos and interviews
to bring the work of my team to daylight.

byton interior

Autoline Network

The UX Strategy Behind Byton’s Giant Screen - Autoline Exclusive

Byton In-Vehicle Experience Explained

A quick demo with focus on driver distraction and interaction models

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, I met with Robin TV Blau. Here, I'm walking Robin through the Byton M-Byte in-vehicle experience. In great detail, I'm explaining the interaction models of the Byton M-Byte in-vehicle system and demo our User Experience Principles: Eyes on the Road, Hand on the Wheels.

Transport Evolved

CES 2020: Byton M-Byte Electric SUV: How You Interact With That Massive Screen!

One of my favorite memories of CES 2020 is the interview with Nikki at Transport Forward. Nikki has a great point of view, is passionate about cars.

E For Electric

With Alex at CES 2020. An exclusive demo of the M-Byton in-vehicle experience

Alex and I know each other for many years but never had a chance to talk about Byton. Finally we met at CES and took some time to deep dive in the unique Byton in-vehicle experience. In this video, I'm explaining the interaction models and many features such as Theater and Meditation Mode.

Wieso scheitern Electroauto Startups?

Mit Robin TV auf der suche nach Antworten.

In unserem Gespräch, Rabin fragt mich nach meiner Erfahrung, arbeiten in kleine und grossen Unternehmen, und wiese so viele Electroauto Startups scheitern. Die Antwort ist nicht universal aber wir erkennen viele ähnliche Herausforderungen der meisten Unternehmen.

Shift: A podcast about mobility

0:09:00 - 0:20:00 I'm talking about UX Principles, Mental Models, Muscle Memory and Driver Distraction

In this episode: -Robin Lineberger, global aerospace leader for Deloitte, talks autonomous flying cars. -Byton’s Dre Nitze-Nelson discusses the Chinese EV company’s digital focus. -Luminar CEO Austin Russell explains the lidar maker’s shift from “high-value component company to solutions company.”


-Dré Nitze-Nelson | 安德烈 尼采-纳尔逊